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How To Start Online Cricket Betting On JitoDaily

How To Start Online Cricket Betting on JitoDaily

Firstly, Let’s discuss point-to-point discussion on how we can start online cricket betting on JitoDaily. Then, we will discuss a complete guide on cricket betting. Bet on cricket in the earlier days was done by only approaching the bookies (bookmakers). The bookie used to bet on cricket on a selected platform where he had authority and waited for the results to the outcome of the match.


Over the years, as the internet has been booming, the concept of online betting has transformed the world and made it a billion-dollar industry.


As far as betting is concerned, cricket betting is witnessing huge interest from the public and bettors worldwide. As you all know, cricket is one of the most trusted, famous, and most watched and played sports as cricket formats become more attractive to the public for cricket betting.


For beginners, online cricket betting is a new concept that seems tricky. But if you are interested in betting on cricket, many videos are available on betting online. JitoDaily provides a complete guide on how to bet online on cricket with self-training videos.


Here, JitoDaily has dedicated videos in English and Hindi formats. A complete video about creating an ID, setting a password, logging in, and signing up in both English and Hindi. Now you have questioned what ID is. We will see it in a later part. We will help you to make master online sports betting.


In addition, JitoDaily.com was started in 2021 to provide cricket enthusiasts with safe cricket betting. Our website gives detailed information about cricket betting, match predictions, the best online betting app, and live cricket betting. In short, JitoDaily is a one-stop platform for all cricket betting needs.

What is online cricket betting ID? How to create an ID?

As I have noted, To play cricket betting, you need to look for a website that provides online betting options. To play cricket betting, you, the user, must create an ID, which means the user needs to create an account on that particular site or app to play betting online. The user needs to create an account and set a password to it, and then the user can use it to sign up and bet online on cricket.


Also, JitoDaily provides the best online cricket betting id to its users with 100% satisfaction services. It has a dedicated Telegram and WhatsApp support team to help its users to create IDs. JitoDaily allows you to create your IDs; if you don’t want to create an ID, then it provides Demo IDs. You can use demo IDs too.

Why Choose JitoDaily?

You will find the top bookmakers on jitoDaily. Every day the bettors bet on cricket online and give the odds—the advantage of creating a Cricket Betting ID on JitoDaily.

  1. All the Bookmakers (bettors) are experienced experts who provide accurate predictions.
  2. Easy Payment and deposit method.
  3. 24*7 dedicated Telegram and WhatsApp support team.
  4. Daily live cricket betting predictions by experts.
  5. JitoDaily is India’s best automatic online cricket betting id provider.
  6. Fastest online ID creation.
  7. Fastest withdrawal in seconds.
  8. Dedicated online account ID creation videos to self-ID creation.
  9. Users can create several IDs and also remember all IDs.
  10. No need to fill out withdrawal forms daily. Save your bank account for easier withdrawal.
  11. No more waiting of 45 minutes for withdrawal. Could you get the amount credited in seconds?
  12. Self-Deposit, withdraw, and self-create accounts.

How To Choose Best Online Cricket Betting Site?

In the online betting world, multiple cricket betting sites, apps, and bettors are available online. But we need to select the right betting site. Unfortunately, there are many spammers around the internet. To avoid this, users must consider some factors to choose the best cricket betting site.


  1. Registered and Licensed

Users must check for the registered and licensed online betting website or app. In addition, users must check the company’s about us page and all the terms and conditions provided by that company for betting.


  1. Safe and Secure

Another crucial priority of an online bettor or site is to make the online betting site should keep the user’s data and details safe and secure.


  1. User-friendly

The website or app must be user-friendly. The UI should give real gaming or betting feel to the users. A clean interface attracts more users and makes them stay and play continuously on the website.


  1. Bonus and promotions

The website must provide bonuses and promotions to new users on sign-up or creating a new account. JitoDaily offers welcome bonuses and promotions to its news users on first sign-up as a sign-up or welcome bonus.


  1. Secure payment methods

The website must provide secure payment methods and instant deposit and withdrawal methods.


  1. Customer support

The website must provide a 24*7 support system to its users. Therefore, JitoDaily also provides a 24*7 support system to its customers. It also jitoDaily has a dedicated Telegram and WhatsApp support system to help with all types of difficulties like creating an ID, Payment issues, Deposit and withdrawal, and many more.

What types of Online betting does Jitodaily provide?

There are so many websites that provide cricket betting IDs online. Some of the betting methods are:


  1. Toss Winner Predictions:

The most bet in cricket betting is the match-winner bet. It is famous among cricket fans and punters. Users can place bets on cricket online on the outcome of the match result. In addition, users can bet on the live-going match during the ongoing game.


  1. Toss Winner: This bet is purely based on luck. Here the prediction is based on the toss, which is predicted from one side only, either heads or tails.


  1. Total Wickets:

Another most used betting strategy is on total wickets taken by the bowler. Users can bet on total wickets.


  1. Total Score: Users also bet on the total runs scored by the individual team.


        5. Man of the match: Users can win this bet by predicting the man of the match player from a team. Every player has their odds.


Also, there are many more options for cricket betting based on bettors’ expertise. So, users may see different prediction methods than our listed methods. So, there may be slight changes in prediction methods while betting on cricket, but the fun continues as the match begins.

Payment methods for online cricket betting sites

JitoDaily provides UPI payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, cards, and Bank transfers.

How to Create an online cricket betting account?

  1. Select the most trusted and genuine online cricket betting site.
  2. Sign-up for a new account or create a new account.
  3. Get a cricket betting ID.
  4. Add some deposit to start betting.
  5. Place your bets.
  6. Withdraw the earnings instantly.


Finally, create an online cricket betting ID with the help of a support team and start betting online on cricket. For more information, contact our Telegram and WhatsApp support team.


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