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JitoDaily is India’s best Sports betting and Casino Online Book. Here you can create ID on your own. We claim and take pride in providing the fastest service than any sports Book! Our Team is at your service 24/7. Are the questions mentioned below helpful?

Create ID

How to Create an Account at JitoDaily?

  • Click on the link of our bot here
  • Click on the start button and select language
  • Click on your ID and select the option of create ID and choose your website
  • Type any username and enter the amount
  • Select a mode of payment- If you’re selecting UPI, click on the link and select one UPI app and complete the process.

NOTE:- Once done, you will get a payment slip along with your ID and password. 

Kindly Refer to the video below to get more details:

Kindly Refer to the images below to get more details:

create ID
create ID