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JitoDaily.com was founded by a group of cricket experts with extensive knowledge of cricket analysis. Our team of experts provides you with accurate cricket match predictions, match reviews, match analysis, and cricket fantasy tips.


Match predictions are more than just a game of chance and luck; they require extensive research on the cricket team players, their playing history, and their performances. Only they can predict how strong a batting or bowling team will be in the upcoming match event.


On JitoDaily, players can find various details such as the stats of a player during the match, the ICC cricket ranking of a player, ground details on which the game is going to be held, the probability of the risk they are taking in the match predictions, and many more.


Besides match predictions and analysis, the site provides a view-to-view of live matches being held worldwide. JitoDaily broadcasts all domestic and international matches (IPL) like the Asia cup, ICC men’s T20 world cup, Legends league cricket, women’s world cup, and many more. After the match, cricket lovers can again see the tournament’s highlights.

Today Match Predictions

Predicting a match is getting harder and harder each day as the teams keep changing their playing strategies. How to answer the frequently asked question, “Who will win the match?” This is a tricky question but a trouble-free task for our team of cricket specialists.

Cricket predictions have become a new fashion in the digital world. Cricket lovers always used to love watching the game online, but now they have a chance to participate in the game by batting. The thrill of predicting a game makes them care about the athletes. They can select their sportsmen and begin kicking their opposing fans.

People use different techniques to predict the games (numerology, astrology). Still, JitoDaily provides mathematically based data, which never goes wrong, and there are minimum chances for you to lose a bet.

We remove all the complexities that come up during a bet by proving to you all the probabilities of the match even before it has begun. Enhance your prediction skills by focusing daily on the strikes of batters. Calculate the average performance of a sportsman and gear up for your match betting for upcoming events.

Fantasy cricket Tips

Play all your fantasy games on the site for free. Today, the younger generation likes to take risks and play thrilling adventure games. For this new generation, the site offers a broad spectrum of fantasy games, such as social networking-based games, draught-based games, and many more. With our fanatic sports, you can be the master of your custom-built team of players.


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