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Sports Betting Queries

1. What is exposure?
To protect its customers and guarantee the settlement of all bets, a betting exchange ensures that customers can only place a bet if they have enough funds in their account.
To cover any outcome of the bet exposure represents the total losses that would be incurred if all a customer’s pending bets were to lose.


2. When will the exposure get cleared?
When you have bet on a particular event until the settlement of all bets is done the exposure is not cleared, wait until the particular event is completed and the exposure will be cleared automatically
Usually, whenever the event is very popular the can take time to clear so please wait for some time.


3. Min-Max bet range

Min(Minimum) bet range simply means the minimum amount you can bet on a certain event and max (maximum) bet range means, the maximum amount one can bet on a certain event.
EG: Min-Max bet range is 100-200000. Simply means, the minimum bet amount is 100 and the maximum is 200000.


4. What is the difference between Betting Exchange and Bookmaker
The bookmaker market means betting with the bookmaker and betting on the odds they offer. When you bet on a traditional bookmaker you are betting against the book rather than against other customers. Therefore it is the book who sets the prices and carries the risk.
A betting exchange, on the other hand, offers more competitive odds due to its nature as a peer-to-peer platform and the market is driven by supply and demand. It matches bets from backers and layers, you could be betting against one person or several in a betting exchange. The odds are generally higher for the betting exchange than for the same selections in traditional bookmakers, but unlike the traditional bookmaker, when you place a bet on a betting exchange you will need to pay a commission on your net winnings on each market.


5. Can I cancel my bet?
No, once a bet is placed it gets matched with one of the betting exchange customers. Hence a bet placed cannot be canceled so check twice before confirming a bet once.


6. Pre-Match vs In-Play
What does Pre-Match mean? Pre-match means you’re able to place a bet before the selected match starts.
For example, if a match is due to start at 15:00 and an offer is Pre-Match only, this means the offer is only valid up until 15:00. After this time, the promotion will not be available as this match will now be In-Play.


6. What happens to my bets if the event gets postponed or canceled?
If an event is canceled then all bets are automatically void. Depending on the specific event and market, bets may still be valid on postponed events.


7. What is the 24-Hour Rule?
If an event or fixture isn’t played or is postponed from its scheduled date for any reason, all bets will stand for the next day.
If the same event or fixture is not played after this 24-hour period, all selections made on it will be voided.

A cricket match is abandoned due to external factors Bets placed will stand if the match resumes within 24 hours.
If the match does not resume within 24 hours, all bets will be voided unless a winner is declared on the official competition rules.
Enhanced multiple bets will also be voided if the event or fixture is postponed and isn’t played within the 24-hour time frame.
(Please note: Our traders won’t settle any bets before 24 hours have passed from the time the event was postponed.)


8. What does the terms “Back” and “Lay” betting in Betting Exchange mean?
Back” bets and the odds are always marked in blue, and ‘Lay’ bets are always marked in pink. “Back” betting is betting on an outcome to Happen while “Lay” betting allows you to play the role of the bookmaker. In a lay bet, you always stand to win the stake of the opposing bet; which is, betting on an outcome Not To Happen.

Placing a Lay Bet

Select a market, choose a selection you want to lay, and click on the best lay price/odds.
In the following example, you are laying a team at odds of 2.42, the backer is staking ₹100. Your liability of ₹142 is taken from your balance as this is your worst-case scenario.

  1. Your potential profit: ₹100
  2. Your potential loss: ₹142

if the team wins the tournament, the total payout will be ₹242. You have to pay ₹142 to the winning customer, as the backer’s original stake is returned to them.
If the team loses the tournament, you win ₹100 minus commission from the betting exchange


8. Is there any limitation on the minimum and maximum bet limits in each live casino platform?
The minimum and maximum bet limits vary depending on each live casino platform and the specific game table you enter. Before you enter a game, simply check the bet limit shown on the table lists.


The Most Popular Cricket Markets

In this section, we’ll give you the low down on some of the most popular cricket bets that you can place.
If you’re brand new to cricket, check out this entire list and work to find some that look like a good fit for you.
If you’re a more advanced cricket player, we’ve probably got some listed below that you have not tried yet.
After checking out this list, you might find something new to use in your cricket betting adventures

✓ Toss Winner
For a cricket wager that isn’t really tied to the performance of any actual team or player, check out the win toss bet.
Here, you’ll just be picking which of the two teams you think will win the coin toss at the start of the match.
This can be a fun way to bet on a coin flip, literally.

✓ Toss Combination
If the win toss wager above sounds attractive to you, then you might also like the idea of placing a toss combination bet.
For this wager, you’ll start by picking which team you think will win the coin toss. However, there is a second component that you also must decide.
Once you’ve selected the team that you think will win the toss, you also have to decide if you think they will opt to bowl or bat first. To win this bet, you’ll have to pick both parts of the combination correctly.

✓ Match Betting
The most common form of cricket wager is the match betting bet. This is a straightforward bet as you only have to pick from three different outcomes.
You’ll either select if you think that the home team will win, the away team will win, or if the match will end in a draw. That’s it! Due to the simplicity of this wager, it is super popular in the cricket betting crowd.

✓ Completed Match
For one-day matches, you can place a bet on if you think that the game will be finished that day or not.
If you believe that the weather or some other outside factor could impact the game finishing that day, then you might consider placing a bet that the match will not be completed.
For this wager, you’ll merely bet yes or no if the game will be finished on the day that it is scheduled.

✓ Tied Match
Another straightforward cricket match bet is the tied match wager. For this wager, you’ll merely bet yes or no if you think that the match will end in a tie. If you select correctly, then you’ll win your wager.

✓ Innings Runs
For this wager, you’ll try to correctly predict the number of runs that will be scored in the first innings of the match. In most sportsbooks, you’ll find this type of bet as an over/under wager.
In this case, the sportsbook will post a number of runs and then you’ll merely wager if you think that the actual number of runs scored will be over or under the number displayed by the sportsbook.

✓ Most Run Outs
Another uncomplicated cricket wager is the most runs out bet. A run out usually occurs when the batsmen are attempting to run between the wickets, and the fielding team succeeds in getting the ball to one wicket before the batsman has made their ground at that end.

Here, you’ll just need to decide which of the two teams will have the most runs out in a match or series.

✓ Top Bowler
If you’re looking to wager on some specific players, you might consider a top bowler bet. Here, you’ll select the player that you believe will take the most wickets during a match or series.
It’s up to you to decide which player from either team will earn this title. If you’re able to pick correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a nice payout from the sportsbook.

✓ Top Batsman
Another player-specific wager is the top batsman bet. For this wager, you’ll need to select which player that you think will score the most runs during a match or series.
You can pick from any player on either team. Since this wager is more difficult to predict than just picking which team will win correctly, it often has higher associated payouts if you’re able to get it right.

✓ Team of Top Batsman
If you don’t want to try to pick the exact player that will be the top batsman, you have another option that makes it a little bit easier to get it right. With the team of the top batsman bet, you just have to decide which team you think the top batsman will come from. Since you only have two options to select from here, your odds of winning this bet are much lower than correctly picking the top batsman himself.

✓ Over/Under Score
Another favorite version of a cricket wager is the over/under bet. This wager starts with the sportsbook posting a total score that they think the team will have by the end of a match or series.
Your job is to decide if you believe that the team’s actual score will come in over or under that number posted by the sportsbook.

✓ Odd/Even Runs
For this type of cricket wager, you’ll decide if you think that a team’s runs for a match will either be an odd or even number. It’s worth pointing out that a score of 0 is considered to be an even number for this bet.
With only two potential outcomes for this wager, it’s a very simple wager to comprehend.

✓ Method of Dismissal
If you’re into live betting on cricket, check out the method of dismissal wager. With this bet, you’ll decide how a batsman in the crease will end up being dismissed.

✓ Series Winner
If you’re new to watching or betting on cricket, you might not be aware that it is very common for two teams to enter into a series of matches. Instead of just playing one game, they’ll often play multiple games in a row.
With a series winner wager, you’ll be picking which of the two teams you think will come out on top at the end of the series of matches. Don’t forget that you’re choosing the winner for the entire series as opposed to just one of the individual matches.

✓ Series Score
Another way that you can bet on a cricket series is to wager on the score of the series. Here, you’ll bet on what the final overall score of the series will be. The options from the sportsbook will be around how many matches each team will win in the series.
Just pick the one that you think will be the end result and wait to see if you selected it correctly.

✓ Tournament Outright Winner
If you’re looking to wager on a cricket tournament, one of the wagers that you can place is on the outright winner of that tournament. Here, you’ll need to select which team you think will rise above all of the others to win the tournament. When you go to place the wager, the sportsbook will list the associated lines for all of the teams in the tournament. Just select the team that you think will win it all and hope for the best.

✓ Man of the Match/Player of the Series
It’s extremely common in cricket for a single player to be tapped as the Man of the Match or the Player of a Series. With these two bets, you can select which player you think will earn the title.
For the most part, these wagers are only available in major markets so you might not come across these if you’re betting on smaller market cricket matches.

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